What Are the Natural Ingredients in Flexuron?

Flexuron is a bio-nutritional supplement created by Dr. David Carbonell to provide healthy joints over a period of time. It has been designed to supply the body with optimum nutrition to promote lasting joint comfort and mobility. The Flexuron Joint Formula is formulated to help individuals maintain healthy joint mobility over an extended period of time. The formula contains an array of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and other plant based ingredients.

What Does Flexuron Contain?

Flexuron contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E, as well as essential fatty acids, and fish oil. Krill oil is also used in the manufacturing of flexion joint formula. This ingredient has been shown in studies to reduce joint pain and other symptoms associated with common joint disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Krill oil helps relieve some of the discomfort caused by joint inflammation and stiffness. It also reduces the inflammation and pain of osteoarthritis, another common form of joint pain.

Flexuron also contains three primary active ingredients. These are alpha-lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, and vitamin E. Each of these ingredients has different roles in the formulation, and the specific combination of these ingredients will depend on the joint pain that the product is meant to treat. These ingredients have been studied in clinical trials and found to be effective.

Flexuron ingredients

Astaxanthin and collagen are both naturally occurring nutrients in fish oil. Scientists have been studying the effects of these two nutrients for years and have recently been able to harness their health benefits for treating age-related joint pain. They have discovered that they are effective in combating inflammation and pain, as well as boosting antioxidant levels in the body. The combination of these two nutrients allows Flexuron to increase its antioxidant content by over 50%, which is greater than most anti-aging supplements.

In addition to these two naturally occurring antioxidants, Flexuron has included a third ingredient to increase its effectiveness. This third ingredient has been proven to be a better source of astaxanthin, which results in increased collagen levels and supporting tissue health. This makes Flexuron a potent all-natural joint support supplement. Flexuron also contains DHA, which is an essential fat soluble nutrient that plays multiple roles in the human body.

Essential fatty acids help to maintain healthy arthritic joints. Flexuron features DHA as an essential source of omega-3, which has proven benefits for reducing inflammation. Since inflammation is a cause of joint pain and stiffness, the formula should also include linoleic acid as another important source of omega-3. The linoleic acid promotes circulation and helps the body to use oxygen more effectively. Combining the beneficial effects of the essential fatty acids and DHA from the fish source of Flexuron, and using the scientifically proven combination of L-Arginine and Phospholipid-Rich Krill Oil, promises to provide the joint support you need to get rid of those painful stiff joints.

Phospholipid-Rich Koil is another important ingredient to look for in joint support formulas. Phospholipid-Rich Koil comes from New Zealand, where the pristine waters supply the world’s best healthy fish. The pure filtered water from this location is the purest available, and the Phospholipid-Rich Koil is what provides the formula its potency. Phospholipid-Rich oil is also a great source of vitamin A.

There are many joint pain and joint care products on the market today. Many of them do not work well and can cause serious side effects if used over a long period of time. Joint pain and joint care formulas can help to alleviate stiffness, inflammation, pain, and mobility problems that occur in the joints. Flexuron contains all of the natural ingredients to alleviate joint pain and improve joint health, without harmful side effects. To learn more about Flexuron and how it can help you relieve your pain and improve your joint health, visit the Flexuron site today.

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